“ The taste of the nicotine on your lips and the feel of your teeth saved me from myself last night. A change in pace, numb but alive.

Mental Note: Never take him back. Never believe anyone who says they’ll love you until your last breath.


Were you as fake as with me as you are with her?
Cuz I don’t even know who you fucking are anymore.

And if you’re still reading this? And if you’re wondering, yes I saw that picture.
I hope she’s making you happy.

“ I thought I’ve gone mad…but I think you may have gone madder.
“ Today is hard. I’m numb. And it’s still hard.

#neverfallinlove it’s not even worth the pain when they leave.

“ I didn’t wanna get up and start my day. I knew it would be full of pain. But I didn’t wanna stay in bed either, drowning in my own thoughts.